Masha Qrella‘s first instrumental band projects MINA and CONTRIVA were the debut of this artist’s unique sound: oriented on dance and song, they set out to create Berlin‘s own version of postrock. In 2002 Masha released her first solo album LUCK.

Accepting a role as a vocalist for the first time LUCK heralded a vocalist of unique talent. Since then she has recorded numerous albums of confessional soul-searching, ambient textures, electronic glitches and intelligent pop.
Keys, the brand new album by the Berlin-based singer is a record which merges feelings of regret, wistfulness and a series of insightful and, at times, funny one liners to stunning effect.

„Classic, Steely Dan, Westcoast, stunning drum sound, beautiful strings and a lovely voice.“
(Dirk von Lowtzow, Tocotronic)

„This is fantastic, the dry disco drum sound and the voice sounds better than ever. I can‘t wait to listen again.“
(James Mc New, Yo La Tengo, Dump)