„With her, the shore of the river Spree becomes the US Westcoast: Masha Qrella makes pop of the finest, smartest and most intimate variety, of which if you were blindfolded, you would perhaps think you were somewhere else completely. The Berliner writes small big hits to dance around the house, for long car rides along empty streets and for the feeling of having a suitcase left standing in the distance somewhere.

Gudrun Gut –

© Claudia Rorarius




2022     WOANDERS – Hörspiel       (Dussmann/Edition Dur08)

2021      WOANDERS      (LP Staatsakt)

2019      DAY AFTER DAY      (10“ Staatsakt)

2016      KEYS      (LP Morrmusic)

2013      BOY‘S DON‘T CRY      (7“ Morrmusic)

2012      ANALOGIES      (LP Morrmusic)

2009     SPEAK LOW      (LP Morrmusic)

2006     DON‘T STOP THE DANCE      (7“ Morrmusic)

2005     UNSOLVED REMAINED      (LP Morrmusic)

2002      LUCK      (LP Monika Enterprise)

2002     I WANT YOU TO KNOW (7″ Monika Enterprise)