10/11 | 2019 Rehearsals for the upcoming show WOANDERS

Premiere: 04. December | 8 p.m. | HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin (HAU2)

Further shows: 05. | 06. | 07. December

and at WUK performing arts Wien | March 2020

Band: Masha Qrella, Chris Imler, Andreas Bonkowski

Sounddesign: Tadklimp


09 | 2019 Konzert

27.09.   Theater im Pfalzbau / Festival „Offene Welt“ 21:00 Uhr


08 | 2019 Popkulktur Berlin

The first time Masha Qrella heard of Thomas Brasch was in Marion Brasch’s novel »Ab jetzt ist Ruhe«. The author’s personal perspective seemed familiar: a family story of GDR nomenclature from the little sister’s point of view. She started reading the work of Thomas Brasch – German-language texts that got stuck in her head. Qrella, whose previous songs were in English, spontaneously began singing lines of his texts to melodies she’d come up with. In December 2019, Qrella, in a co-production with HAU Hebbel am Ufer and WUK Wien will present a work that hovers between concert, performance and exhibition space, bringing the themes of the author into the world of today. At Pop-Kultur, she will provide a first insight into her interpretation of Thomas Brasch’s poetry.


04 | 2019 Konzertreihe mit dem Künstlerkollektiv Vereinsheim

13.04.  DE   Karlsruhe, Tollhaus

14.04.   DE   Karlsruhe, Tollhaus

15.04.  DE   Mannheim, Alte Feuerwache

16.04.  DE   Mainz, Kuz

17.04.  DE   Freiburg, Jazzhaus




03 | 2019 NEW EP – DAY AFTER DAY

released @ STAATSAKT Berlin

Artwork: Jimmy Draht


03|04 2019  on tour

New EP available on tour concerts


01 | 2019 HAU Berlin – ARTHUR

12.01.  –  Einar Schleef’s 75th birtday

Performance, Film, Text, Artistic Comment